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Welcome to Teknirvana.

For over twenty years, we have built partnerships with Indian companies and foreign manufacturers to promote and distribute pharmaceutical excipients & laboratory chemicals. From inception, Teknirvana aligned it’s key focus to reflect a global perspective. Our goal was for Indian scientists and formulators to have access to raw materials and excipients available elsewhere in the world. The following fundamentals have contributed to our success and steady growth.

Customer Service:

Close customer contact backed by a well-trained and experienced team dedicated to every aspect pertinent to sales and personal service. is assured. Needs of timing, pricing, specifications and delivery are met in the best possible manner.

Logistics Support:

A management system that assures the right products in the right place at the right time. Careful strategic analysis of lead times, stock levels and pertinent costs are done that build maximum efficiency into the supply chain.

Technical Support:

A team of qualified pharmaceutical personnel collaborate with you at all levels, whether it is introducing a new product, sampling, assistance in formulating or more complex issues involving our principals; Teknirvana goes with you.

Regulatory Support:

The pharmaceutical industry operates in a strict regulatory environment. Whether it is for domestic markets or export areas, documents governing use, safety etc. are a part of the process. GMP, DMF, TSE/BSE, GMO, OVI are just a few of them. Teknirvana is committed to provide all that is available and required.

We enjoy our legacy and reputation and continually look forward to deliver better and higher standards of service.